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  • Review of Evapo-Rust

    Photo of a 5L bottle of Evapo-Rust

    I’ve been testing Evapo-Rust for the past couple of months to see how effective it is and I’m impressed with the results. Unlike acid rust removal methods, Evapo-Rust removes rust via chelation which only targets rust. This is a massive advantage over acid techniques which will attack good metal as well as rust. Evapo-Rust works…

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  • Clamp vs cramp, what’s the difference?

    Image of clamps/cramps taken from Cassell's Carpentry and Joinery, 1908

    People often use cramp and clamp interchangeably, for example, referring to a sash clamp as a sash cramp. This got me wondering, is there actually a difference? Short answer Clamp and cramp generally mean the same thing and are often used interchangeable. A cramp is a tool that temporarily holds objects together. A clamp can…

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  • Welcome!

    Wood shavings

    Welcome to my new website. It’s still a bit empty at the moment but I plan to post about woodworking, hand tools (and some power tools) and general do-it-yourself topics.

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