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  • The world’s largest functioning hand plane

    The worlds largest working woodworking plane being transported

    I recently came across a YouTube video of a massive European-style plane titled “World record – largest plane in the world” which made me curious to learn more. According to Guinness World Records, it was made by Schreinerei Fust who appear to be a Swiss carpentry business and it measured 7.13 x 4.37 x 2.10 m.…

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  • Record 040 plough plane

    Record 040 plough plane in the process of cutting a groove

    Another year, another hand plane. This time it’s a Record 040 plough plane which, according to “Record Hand Planes, A History“, was only in production from 1935-1943. Due to the short production run, it is less common than other Record plough planes, such as the 043 and 044, but despite that, they do turn up…

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