Tag: Restore

  • Restoring / cleaning up tools

    Repaired split handle chisel

    Taking old, rusty or broken tools and getting them back into usable condition can be rewarding. It gives a sense of ownership, a feel for a tool that picking one off the shelf just doesn’t give, at least not right away. Even something simple like repairing a chisel with a split handle can be rewarding.…

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  • Review of Evapo-Rust

    Photo of a 5L bottle of Evapo-Rust

    I’ve been testing Evapo-Rust for the past couple of months to see how effective it is and I’m impressed with the results. Unlike acid rust removal methods, Evapo-Rust removes rust via chelation which only targets rust. This is a massive advantage over acid techniques which will attack good metal as well as rust. Evapo-Rust works…

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  • Restoring a wooden smoother

    Wooden plane after restoration

    This wooden smoothing plane was bit of a mess. Someone had closed the mouth by fitting an insert which had come loose and had then been fixed using a screw, which is not ideal. The adhesive used to fix the insert in place appears to be have the consistency of grout. Possibly someone used whatever…

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  • EMIR No. 731 Grooving Plane

    Picture of EMIR grooving plane cutting a groove

    Another plough plane, this time a wooden one, which I believe is an EMIR No. 731. EMIR was founded around 1937 and was quite late to the wooden plane making business. I’m unsure when they ceased plane production, but they were still making them in the 1960s and until recently, EMIR was still making workbenches.…

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  • Restoring a Record 078 Fillister Plane

    Record No 078 fillister plane

    Taking a rusty and dirty Record 078 filister plane and cleaning it up to good working condition.

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  • Cleaning a rusty Stanley 71

    Stanley 71 router plane, rusted

    I recently acquired a Stanley 71 router plane which was in a sorry state, covered in rust and missing its depth adjustment nut. The plane was so rusted that dismantling it produced small piles of rust, but all the pieces were structurally sound. The most corroded pieces are the screws for the knobs, but even…

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