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  • Review of Evapo-Rust

    Photo of a 5L bottle of Evapo-Rust

    I’ve been testing Evapo-Rust for the past couple of months to see how effective it is and I’m impressed with the results. Unlike acid rust removal methods, Evapo-Rust removes rust via chelation which only targets rust. This is a massive advantage over acid techniques which will attack good metal as well as rust. Evapo-Rust works…

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  • Review of Hand tools: their ways and workings

    Hand tools: their ways and workings cover

    Hand tools: their ways and workings by Aldren Auld Watson. First published in 1982, which was a surprise given it was long after the heyday of hand tool use. This book is very much aimed at beginners, and each tool is explained as if teaching a complete beginner. Because of this, the text can be…

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