Screwdriver storage

Screwdriver storage

This is just a quick post about a neat idea for under shelf screwdriver storage. It’s not my idea, I believe it came from a blog post I read years ago that I sadly cannot find.

It is very simple, just a piece of wood with suitable sized holes for each screwdriver drilled in it and mounted under a shelf.

Screwdriver storage
My screwdrivers mounted underneath a shelf

I have been using it for year and found it to be a great idea. It makes it easy to quickly grab a screwdriver and it utilises otherwise unused space.

I used some scrap 16 mm (5/8″) wood, but I would recommend using something a little thicker.

To work well, this design requires the screwdrivers have markings on the top of the handles or for labels to be added to the holder. The Wera screwdrivers I’m using are perfect for this.

Hopefully, this idea will be useful to someone else out there.


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