Wood turning safety

Wood turning safety

I recently read an article by Lynne Yamaguchi about her wood turning accident that is worth reading.

It highlights how important appropriate PPE and using any safety features available are. Even so, all it takes is one distraction, a lapse of judgement, for things to go wrong.

For some, the consequences can be even worse. Only a couple of years ago a 23 year old wood turner died tragically when a piece of wood flew out and hit him. It is sadly not that uncommon, another wood turner died last year and with a bit of digging there are tragically more deaths and even more who have suffered serious injury.

None of this is to try to put people off turning, woodworking or any other hobbies, it’s just to emphasis how important it is to take precautions and use appropriate PPE. No hobby is worth permanent injury let alone your life.

Main image © Wikimedia Commons User:Grwoodturning / CC-BY-SA-3.0


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